ALOT Prize Cover

The provider of prize cover for state lotteries, lottery service providers, gaming companies, sportsbooks, casinos and promotional companies offering large prizes.

How could you benefit from our Prize cover?

You can offer jackpot prizes to your customers without risking your own capital. Choose how much you wish to risk and let us cover the rest. Enhance your existing games, license our game content or build your own lottery and start offering huge jackpots from day one.

State Lotteries

Do you run a lottery with a small player base and the collected stakes do not build your jackpot prize fast enough? Attract new players by boosting your jackpot with us!

Lottery System Providers

Enhance your games by offering unique features such as “Double your jackpot”. Your operator clients will open a new revenue stream, while introducing exciting new ways to enhance the player experience.

Casinos & Sportsbooks

Boost your player’s favorite slot, scratch card game, bingo or other draw/RNG-based games with exciting new prize tiers. A USD 5M scratch? A USD 10M slot? Not a problem with ALOT Prize Cover.

Prize promoters

Are you marketing your services by offering potential customers a chance to win exciting prizes? How about offering a USD 5M prize instead of a mobile phone? There are no limits to your imagination.


If you want to run a large prize raffle or lucky draw, please visit our partner, PROMOTEC, a specialist supplier to non-lottery / non-gaming clients.